Agricoltura e Cibo sotto il Sole in Sardegna

The project is financed by the RDP Sardinia 2014/2020 – Measure 16.1. – Phase II.

The project

AC2S, an acronym for Agriculture and Food under the Sun in Sardinia, is an innovative project that aims to innovate the cereal supply chain starting from the aggregative experience of the network of enterprises ‘FILIERA DEL GRANO DURO COLTIVATO E TRASFORMATO IN SARDEGNA’.


  • internal sharing of positives/negatives and consultation mechanisms
  • collaboration in the field between farmers and/or production workers and researchers and technicians active in research and innovation 4.0 by creating a bridge between research and the agricultural/food sector;
  • basic supply chain technologisation (blockchain) and use of innovative 4.0 technologies in the field;
  • differentiated storage for better quality, production and risk diversification, waiting for fair market prices.

The context in which AC2S operates

In Sardinia, the production system is very fragmented and this generates a decrease in farmers’ profitability margins, causing the withdrawal of land from cereal production and an internal production deficit. The increasing use of ICT 4.0 technologies is observed both in the field and in logistics and traceability. However, there is a lack of cereal supply chains that are representative of the entire territory, with valuable and commercial varieties, present in all sales channels, operating with total supply chain concertation and regularly using ICT for production purposes.

The solution

A new management model is proposed to overcome language differences between supply chain operators and stabilise internal dialogue mechanisms to improve profitability. In addition, there will be an opportunity to use ICT to innovate production and ensure product traceability.

Main innovations to be adopted


Innovation in supply chain decision-making

By innovating the method of decision-making and sharing of supply chain awareness, also targeting the mass market (wholesale and GdO) in addition to direct sales and niche production, we want to address this regional structural weakness by interactively involving all supply chain actors in the exercise of transparent cooperation for knowledge exchange.


ICT in agriculture and supply chain

Si vogliono introdurre sia le nuove tecnologie 4.0 che le novità informatiche nelle operazioni di filiera. Le novità informatiche, invece, consistono nell’introduzione della blockchain per i dati scambiati dentro la filiera che generano un flusso tracciabile delle materie prime trasferibile al consumatore e nella creazione della App della Borsa Etica dei Cereali, strumento di trasparenza interna del prezzo pagato alle materie prime di filiera.


Quality of production and storage, use of biostimulants/biofortificants

The aim is to innovate the approach of producers and stakeholders in the supply chain in order to obtain healthy, better quality products with enhanced nutritional properties, resulting from cultivation and agronomic innovation and the use of innovative and/or local/antique varieties.

Project financed by:

PSR Sardegna 2014/2020 – Misura 16.1. – II fase.

“Support for the establishment and management of EIP operational groups on agricultural productivity and sustainability”. 

CUP H87H20004510006

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