Agrumino Lemon Setup

Lifely's Phylosophy


Agrumino Lemon

Mini shunt jumper, to turn On Agrumino Lemon

Rechargeable Battery (LIR2450 3,7 V).

Lifely's sticker.

Label with your Id Device (keep this, is necessary to request support)


Micro usb smartphone charger.

Power supply with dedicated connector max 6v

Generic Powerbank with micro usb cable

Extra power supply with mini 5V Solar Panel

Agrumino’s features

100% Open Source.

Remote plant monitoring.

Transmission of acquired data with WiFi 2,4 Ghz.

Expandability by I2C connector.

Environmental Temperature measurement.

Soil Moisture measurement.

Brightness measurement.

Water level measurement.

Dedicate connector to watering with a 3.7 V mini pump.

ESP8266 chip with 2.4 Ghz Wifi network.

Additional power supply from external sources.

Two GPIO Extra to connect other sensor.

Installation Guide


In the first place install Arduino IDE from this link on your Pc, Notebook or Mac

After installing the Arduino Ide, connect Agrumino to your PC/MAC with micro usb cable and go to the next step.

Open Arduino IDE and go to File       Preferences, and click 

Now in text box “Additional Boards Manager URLs” copy and paste this this link: ain/package_lifelycom_index.json    and click    Ok

Now go to: Tools        Board Boards      Manager and click    

In text box write agrumino and click     Install.

After installing click     Close 

Go to Tools       Board       Esp8266 Boards (2.7.1)         Agrumino Lemon v4 (WT8266-S1 Module) and click      

If the choice was successful, you should see “Agrumino Lemon” at the bottom right on Arduino Ide.

Now let’s open a example sketch to upload it to your Agrumino Go to:

File         Examples         Agrumino  QuickStart         Agrumino Sample and click 

continue and click      Tools          Port, select your portand   


to upload Sketch to your Agrumino click            (look at arrow)


Click         this button      to open Serial Monitor (look at arrow 1) after, change baud rate to 115200 (look at arrow 2) and now you can see the board data (look at arrow 3)





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