Finally online our AGRUMINO, a 100% open source device that allows you to monitor your systems even remotely with an online data transmission. In addition, expandability is guaranteed thanks to the I2C interface connector.


Temperature measurement .

  • Measuring the humidity of the ground.
  • Brightness measurement .
  • Water level measurement on a special connector.
  • Connector for activation of a 3.7 V pump for irrigation
  • Chip Esp8266 with connectivity to the 2.4 Ghz Wifi network for internet communication.
  • Additional power supply from external sources.
  • GPIO connector for further expansion.

Power supply available:

  • 3.7V battery type 2450 (included in the package).
  • Power supply from external source on micro usb port through a common smarphone power supply.
  • External 3.7v battery type 18650 2600mAh connected to the appropriate connector on the back.
  • External power Source on a dedicated connector. Power Input, min 3.7 V to max 6.0 V.

What to do to ask for it?

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