Lifely Agrumino

Monitor your plants with Agrumino Orange. Cure them with the aid of your friends and experts on the Lifely Social Network. Build your smart garden with Agrumino Lemon open-source for makers.


Agrumino Lemon

The sensor in an open-source version for makers, to start building your smart garden.

Agrumino Orange

The Wireless Sensor to monitor your plants enviromental conditions, helping you to cure them.

Social Lifely

The Social Network of Plants, where you can share your progress and cure your plants with the community.

Building a garden has never been so much fun.

Key Features of Agrumino

Agrumino senses the environment and it is programmable for your own purpose. 


Based on a ESP8266 WiFi Chip. The official programming environment is Arduino.


Plant Agrumino in the soil and check the moisture, the temperature and brightness. Expand its functions with the board connectors provided.

Rechargeable Battery

Agrumino is powered with a recheargable battery but it can be connected to the normal current through USB.

Agrumino Lemon



We give you all the documentation to configure and expand your board.


Open-source software

You can improve Agrumino writing your code with the community on GitHub.



Share your projects and help build a community of tech gardeners.

Agrumino Orange


Plants Database

Access a database of plants, store your data and improve in your gardening techniques.

Love and Care

Control your plants’ conditions in a human way, receiving customized messages.


Share your progresses with your friends and show them who has a green thumb!

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