On this page you will find all the projects we are working on. 


The collaboration between Tomappo and Lifely is the result of an EU-funded experiment, CARROTS (Cooperative Architecture for gaRdening with Open monoring Systems) within the TETRAMAX project.


The project is part of the “New Innovative Enterprises” call for proposals and involves the creation of a platform capable of giving a profile to each crop or plant associated with Agrumino with the possibility of sharing it in its own social networks.


Wisely (WIreless Sensor nEtworks for soiLanalysiS), a joint research project between LIFELY and the Department of Agriculture of the University of Sassari, which aims to create an ICT device and platform.


Home vegeTables, from the garden to the table

The project is funded by Sardegna Ricerche
with the call “Microincentives for Innovation”.


FNS-CLOUD (Food Nutrition Security Cloud), a European project which aims to be able to group FNS data on diet, health and consumer behavior within a single platform.


IntelliIoT is a pan-European research and innovation project supported by the European Commission with EU funding of 8 million euros. Its goal is to promote the development of humanized IoT and AI devices and systems.

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