Below is an overview of collaborations with which Lifely pursues its research and development projects.


CNR IBE (more than 200 technical and scientific staff) is an Institute of the National Research Council with operational offices in Florence, Bologna, Catania, Rome, San Michele all’Adige and Sassari. Its mission is to define strategies for mitigation and adaptation to global change, enhance biodiversity, and develop sustainable systems for using bioresources not only for food but also for manufacturing. This mission is achieved through the study of the primary productivity of agro-ecosystems, the preservation of plant biodiversity, the sustainable use of forestry, precision agriculture, the development of environmental modeling, the analysis of the environmental sustainability of production processes and products and the enhancement of ecosystem services, integrated pest management in agro-forestry, and the enhancement of food and no-food agricultural supply chains. Special attention is paid to optimizing efficiency in the use of natural resources and enhancing the resulting ecosystem services.


The Department of Agriculture at the University of Sassari is responsible for managing field measurements related to agroclimatic variables and water status assessment. It is also responsible for defining the methodologies and algorithms used to estimate water consumption. He collaborates with the other partners and companies involved in the definition of the overall experimental protocol, including the validation of the new innovative platforms and sensors for monitoring, as well as in the execution of operational tests and analysis of the data collected.


DIEE – Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari (UniCA), brings together all the University’s research and teaching activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. DIEE includes more than 120 researchers and has experience in conducting fundamental and applied research on assistive ICT technologies for disabled and elderly people and sensor solutions for health monitoring. DIEE researchers in the Turntable project organized and completed a pilot study with 20 elderly users and 26 informal caregivers in Italy to assess the feasibility of the proposed tool in realistic settings.


Primo Principio is a Cooperative Society made up of engineers, social scientists and digital artisans. The choice was made to share human capital, knowledge and experience to offer ICT services dedicated to the rural and agricultural world, environmental monitoring, to counter the digital divide, and to work with passion and originality in the world of education, training and international cooperation. The company’s vision seeks to combine ethics and innovation: sustainability of technology is a priority, and it works to offer customers “human” technology that is appropriate, user-friendly, and of concrete utility.


In 2012, the first Sardinian cereal business network known as Filiera del Grano Duro grown and processed in Sardinia was created, offering products for a balanced diet through careful selection of raw materials. Currently, an extensive sustainability project focused on the main ingredient, wheat, has been initiated. The choice has been made to use only 100% wheat grown and processed in Sardinia for products.


Proventus software company (PRO), računalniške storitve, d.o.o., was founded in May 2015. The company’s main activity is the gardening application Tomappo. The goals of the company are 1) to make Tomappo the first thought of every gardener when it comes to mobile gardening applications (such as Strava or Runkeeper for running) that will enable them 2) to achieve a leading position in the field of modern digital marketing methods for gardening-related goods and services (in the EU and worldwide). The company’s long-term vision is to spread beyond gardening and become a leading provider of context-aware marketing solutions.


Agreetech was born from the meeting of realities operating for 10 years in the world of Precision Agriculture, combined heterogeneous skills and experiences ranging from the world of Internet of Things, the study of Predictive Models and DSS, Satellite and Drone Remote Sensing, 4.0 solutions development to provide a complete, effective and user-friendly App and Desktop platform. We work with hundreds of farmers nationwide, collaborate with universities, research centers and public agencies in Research, Development and Innovation projects.


If you have challenging projects where you believe we can add value with our skills and experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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