AI for SmartHome - IntellIoT Cascade H2020 OC2

This project has received funding related to

the 2nd OpenCall of the IntellIoT H2020 project.

The IntelliIoT project


IntelliIoT is a pan-European research and innovation project supported by the European Commission with EU funding of 8 million euros. Its objective is to promote the development of humanized IoT and AI devices and systems, specifically it aims to strengthen the European market in the search for solutions applicable in the healthcare, agricultural and manufacturing sectors, enabling technologies such as 5G, cybersecurity, distributed technology , augmented reality and tactile internet.

The pilot project: “Lifely-Smart Home”

In the second call of the European IntelliIoT project, which more than 170 countries joined, Lifely was selected for the implementation of a pilot project and presented: Smart Home. A solution that aims to reduce energy consumption while maximizing living comfort. As part of the project, 4 of the IntellIoT components were studied, tested, integrated and implemented,  generating a real human-centric and energy-saving opportunity in the Smart City sector.


The implemented components



Integrate non-IoT-enabled devices and increase smart home opportunities.


Global AI

Strengthen your local AI model by interacting with other similar applications.


Trust Broker

Enable the security procedures for unauthorized access.


Edge infrastructure

Prepare for efficient management for future implementations.

How does it work “Smart Home”


Create intelligent home devices capable of reducing energy consumption while maximizing living comfort by adapting environmental conditions to the user’s habits.



Produce an AI-controlled system capable of detecting weather conditions (internal and external) to control roller shutters, windows, etc.


The degree of precision of Artificial Intelligence is above 90%, reaching a notable degree of user acceptance of AI intervention. Thanks to this technology it is possible to reduce the maximum temperature on hot days by up to 2 degrees in closed environments in total autonomy, without the need for interventions or air conditioning systems. The support of the components used as part of the IntelliIoT project allows for easy implementation of the solution, making it transferable and scalable, allowing for a high degree of effectiveness.

Operation Diagram

Features Agrumino

  • sensors for humidity, brightness and temperature;

  • Integrated Wi-Fi communication module;

  • Minimal maintenance architecture;

  • Rechargeable and enhanced battery;

  • Open source software based on the Arduino language;

  • Board equipped with connectors for further expansions (e.g. water pump)


Project financed by:

Open Call 2- IntellIoT Project H2020 (Cascade)

This project received funding from the 2nd OpenCall of the IntellIoT H2020 project

(ID 957218)


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