10-11 June 2021

Event organized by Lifely, with the support of Abinsula, which aims to develop new innovative ideas and startups in Agritech.

What is it?

What’s AGRIthon?

The AGRIthon is a Hackathon, a two-day full immersion open to anyone who wants to try their hand at finding innovative solutions on the theme proposed by the organizers. A marathon that aims to stimulate the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of researchers and university students, developers, makers, business and marketing experts, designers and technology enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to develop new design ideas and/or to test the interest and feasibility of business proposals already developed, but still in an embryonic phase.


Find innovative solutions in Agritech through the use of open source technologies and devices. Examples:

  1. Improving water use efficiency,
  2. maximizing soil productivity,
  3. promoting biodiversity,
  4. ecotourism and sustainability,
  5. protection of agri-food products,
  6. improvements in infrastructure.

How It Works

AGRIthon 2021 is the first marathon organized by Lifely SRL. You will have 30 hours to give life to your creativity and develop cutting-edge solutions in the field of agritech.


Build a multidisciplinary team (min 3, max 5 people).


Analyze, design and develop the best solution to the challenge we will launch you.


Win awards for the first classified teams!


Below is the schedule for the two days. The program is in the definition phase therefore it is subject to possible changes.

10 June


9.30 Direct opening and institutional greetings

10.00 Presentation of competing ideas

10:30 Expert Workshop

11.00 Team at work

11 June


9.00 Team at work

09.30 Expert Workshop

13.00 Delivery of presentations

17.00 Final








activities are made possible

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