The project that allows you to monitor your garden.

Thanks  to the realization of a smart sensor.

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The Project

The collaboration between Tomappo and Lifely is the result of an experiment funded by the EU, CARROTS (Cooperative ARchitecture for gaRdening with Open moniToring Systems) within the project TETRAMAX. The project’s goal is to make a product that is able to give to the users real time data on their plants and tips on how to take care of their own garden.

The project was born to solve these problems:

Lack of time and effort

Time is a challenge for hobbyists!

Lack of data

Soil and plants don’t speak!

Lack of info

Gardening is an ancient art, where information can be found?

Tomappo and Lifely are two European start-ups that met during the exchange program Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs and immediately decided to collaborate and unite their strengths: Lifely develop open source wireless sensors for gardening and agricolture, while Proventus has created the mobile gardening assistant Tomappo, that helps people to design their own garden, cure their plants and harvest the crops.

The Product

We are creating a smart sensor that will allow you to to keep your garden under control! The wireless sensor measures two important parameters that influence the growth factors of a vegetable: temperature and moisture.


  • CLEC Technology (Low Energy Custom Calculation)
  • Sensors for moisture, brightness and temperature
  • WiFi enabled
  • Minimum Maintenance, Rechargeable Battery
  • Open Source Software with Arduino
  • Board with connectors for extensions.


  • 60 descriptions of vegetables
  • Localized weather forecasts
  • Gardening Diary
  • Garden Planner

Expected Results

Tomappo will become a CLEC Cyber-physical system able to provide a more accurate and personalized support to gardeners in taking care of plants.
Identification of conditions for pests and diseases before they spread.

Agrumino will allow to continuously measure  the soil moisture, temperature and brightness. Sensors are optimized for a low energy consumption and include a rechargeable battery charged through USB. System on chip with a Wifi and TCP-IP stack and programmable Flash.

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