Home vegeTables, from the garden to the table

The project is funded by Sardegna Ricerche
with the call “Microincentives for Innovation”.

The project

The HomeTables project wants to address the new everyday life and to relaunch the regional economy based on some specialties that have emerged during the pandemic crisis. In particular, it fully addresses the services for the agri-food sector by taking charge of the main aspects: shortening of supply chains, new ways of production and distribution of 0 km products, systems for the traceability of agri-food products.


HOMETABLES is an application that allows you to rent, manage and monitor remotely the cultivation of a vegetable garden (50 square meters or 20 square meters) and to order and buy the best food products, grown with love and care by the farmer or private person who adopts the land. 

How Hometables works

The farms have the possibility to insert inside the application their vegetable gardens and/or plots of land, which they did not plan to cultivate, and to configure them in the following way:


The farm will take care of the garden, while the adopter of the land will have the opportunity to:

  • Monitor the main parameters of the shared land
  • Buy the products (box)


The farmer will provide only the land, while the buyer will take care of the vegetable garden having the possibility to:

  • Sow the adopted vegetable garden
  • Monitor the soil parameters 

Dashboard Shared

Growers have the possibility to upload, in the section “Shared Notice Board”, the vegetables indicating, eventually, which ones can be sold: surplus in the case of private growers or real production in the case of farms.


The farmer will have the possibility to create three different types of boxes: DetoX, Energy and Mix.


Detox Cassette

Detox foods contain high purifying and detoxifying power, as they are rich in beneficial substances.


Energy Cassette

Energy foods contain many minerals that are essential for improving nutrition and lifestyle.


Mix Cassette

The MIX cassette contains a mix of products/foods found within the DetoX and Energy cassette.

Monitor soil

Each garden will be monitored by a Agrumino Lemon, open source device that allows you to record and monitor some environmental parameters very important for the cultivation of vegetables such as: temperature, humidity and luminosity.

Features Agrumino Lemon

  • 100% Open Source
  • Development board with ESP8266 chip with
    connectivity to 2.4 Ghz Wifi network
  • Guaranteed expandability thanks to the connector with I2C interface
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, brightness and water level
  • Connector for activation of a 3.7 V pump
  • Additional power supply from external sources
  • GPIO connector for further expansions


Project funded by:

Unified Programming 2014-2020
POR FESR Sardegna 2014 – 2020 Axis 1 Action 1.3.2.

Strategy 2 “Creating job opportunities by fostering the competitiveness of enterprises”.

Intervention program 3 “Business competitiveness”.
“Micro-incentives for innovation”

CUP G83D20000270006

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