On Thursday 5th December at 10.00 a.m. at the Coworking Hubinsula, Viale Umberto I 24C in Sassari, Antonio Solinas, founder of Lifely srl, will present the company, its evolution and the next activities that will be carried out to raise awareness of the area on the theme of Agritech and the potential of the product Agrumino.

In fact, from February Lifely will be first involved in the organization of the Agrithon, a two-day marathon aimed at developing new innovative ideas and startups in the field of Agritech, which will involve full time students, researchers, makers and developers. The following month, 4 Educational Tours will start in the 4 main Fab Labs in Sardinia, aimed at making the multi-faceted world of makers more known and presenting to makers, gardening enthusiasts and students the features and potential of Agrumino, the first device made by Lifely.

In fact, since 2015 Lifely has been working with the aim of developing applications based on the Social Internet of Things, connected objects that interact with the context using social networks. This attracts the attention of the press, which has brought the company to newspapers, blogs, television, schools, universities, conferences and seminars. In the meantime Lifely has perfected its product thanks to the availability of the makers, and today it offers two devices able to monitor some parameters of the plants/vegetables such as temperature, l’humidity and brightness: Agrumino Lemon and Agrumino Orange.

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